Can You Enlarge Your Penis? The Real Truth

Although there are some that say you can get a larger penis by stretching it, you should be aware that it is not an easy or comfortable task. It can take several months, at least, for a noticeable change.

If you really want to do this, you have to get ready for it and get used to the idea of wearing a penis stretcher several hours a day under your clothes or just don’t leave the house. Not to mention it can not be comfortable having a constant pressure tugging on your penis for hours at a time, and to do it for months!

Sales Pitches Are Just Pitches

Do not believe when somebody tells you that you can enlarge your penis fast and easy.

Like all sales, the bottom line for them is what is in your wallet, not your pants. Use a little logic and it will get you far. Does it really sound logical that you could stretch your dick bigger easily, or fast? This is the easiest way to catch the scam. It if was that easy and fast then everyone should have an elephant sized dick, wouldn’t they?

What you can do fast and effortlessly is get a harder erection that looks bigger until you orgasm.

explosive-orgasm…Then everything returns back to your normal size. If we are being honest with ourselves though, this is exactly what an uncountable number of men are looking for; to get a rock solid erection that helps them achieve a great, mind-blowing sexual experience, with a massive orgasm.

You do not need to stretch you penis to make it bigger and better. It is a play on peoples ego’s and desperation to get them to buy the product. Again, the marketers for these devices, like most, just want your money and use any insecurities they think you may have to empty your wallet. 

So ask yourself a few questions before you invest in a device you have to strap on for hours at a time.

  • Do you really want a bigger penis?
  • Or do you just want a bigger, longer lasting erection?
  • There is a difference, right?

Male Enhancement, Not Enlargement

If you answered yes to two and three, then you may want to look into male enhancement.

This is what best male enhancement pills are designed to do.

Most male enhancement pills are designed to help increase blood flow to your extremities, and that is what your dick is, an extremity, and also help sensitivity to that area. Increased blood flow and sensitivity will enable you penis to engorge, meaning swelling larger and the sensitivity will enable you to experience bigger, longer lasting erection and orgasms than ever before.

enjoy-better-sexThat should be enough to satisfy any man, you don’t need to stretch your member to get there, and you probably would rather not.

Then of course, if you love your woman and she loves you, if you find each other attractive, there is that attraction to get things started to begin with. I am sure your girl won’t be able to see, or care about your real penis size.

That attraction has you getting turned on when you touch her, or even see her in some instances. Since that is the case you really just need a little enhancement to make your shared experience bigger and better for both of you right?

Do Not Believe The Hype

Don’t believe the hype and stop looking for penis enlargement. You should start shopping around for male enhancement supplements that work and are safe.

A good pill can really help you have great sex, which is what you are actually looking for I do believe. There are a lot of them out there and the safe way to go would be the all natural supplements. So if you do a little research, you will find that there are some all-natural penis enhancement pills men use to get rock solid, bigger erection’s, to enjoy an amazingly enhanced sexual experience. Take the true safe and easy way.